The Trip

The Bike and Brew Tour began in August 2009 as  a cross country bike tour going from New York City to Seattle, stopping at as many craft breweries as possible along the way. Sara and Tracy, riding with Caroline and Anders, covered 3,500 miles in 74 days and stopped at 50 craft breweries along the way.

Sara and Tracy then continued the adventure to Australia and New Zealand to exploring the growing beer culture there.

The gals are now back in the states and delving into the amazing craft brewing industry in this country.  More bike trips are in the works for the future so stay tuned!


History of the idea:

While having a picnic in Prospect Park in April 2009, Sara and Tracy discovered their mutual love and affection for both biking and brewing. The conversation went something like this…

Sara: I‘d like to bike across the country
Tracy: I’d like to check out all the breweries in the US

Enlightened moment: Let’s bike across the country and go to breweries!


We quit our jobs, found two more riders to come with us, and at the end of August 2009 we pedaled out of NYC.


Our Bike and Brew Philosophy:

It might sound like a full time party on wheels… but riding your bike for approximately 80 miles a day for nine ten-and-a-half weeks is actually a bit of an ordeal. You may have guessed, but we aren’t really into the beer guzzling, pot bellied stereotype of the American beer-drinker.

We are riding to promote a healthy and quality beer lifestyle.

As discussed in the film Beer Wars, we vote with our wallets everyday – and the choices we make in the marketplace now determine what choices we will have in the future.

We want lots of choices, local variety, and beer made to the highest standards.

You can make the choice every day to drink quality beer and support the little guys at the same time- so get out there and help decide the future of beer in America!!

This pretty much sums it up: Beer Declaration of Independence


It’s also imperative to note that we DO NOT condone riding your bicycle while intoxicated. Please drink beer responsibly and do not ride your bicycle if you are feeling tipsy. Check out this article from the New York Times about links between alcohol and bicycle deaths in NYC: Study Links Alcohol And Bike Deaths