Day 1- Brooklyn to Blue Point Brewery

65 miles

Brooklyn (Dumbo) to Patchogue (Blue Point Brewery)


Personal Highlights from today:

Tracy: moved everything out of her apartment, squished a banana in her front bag, and paid for her Dunkin Donuts latte entirely with the change left over from her past life.

Sara: her panniers and front bag (filled) weigh 52 lbs, she turned 29, almost forgot charger for video camera, cannot locate passport, and broke a chair.

Anders: his panniers weigh 53 lbs (obviously he’s just trying to upstage Sara), he got killer span tan, and is upset about how much he is enjoying wearing sandals.

Caroline: sent out a couple quick spam emails from her hotmail account and hit the road (…sorry “dear friends”), then she chased a goose.

Schedule of Events:

We all met up in Dumbo with our bikes and gear.

When a curious passerby asked us about our bikes and gear we told him about our trip, and then learned that he is planning on starting his own brewery in Florida next year. It was great to meet you Drew (of Magellenic Brewery), let us know when the beer is flowing so that we can add it to our Bike and Brew Down South tour!!

Then we biked 60 miles… through Brooklyn, past JFK, and then through the burbs along the Montauk Highway to Patchogue.  Arrived at 4:01 (we had told them to expect us at 4:00… not bad!)

 We snuck up on the guys at Blue Point Brewery and *pretended* like someone had offered us beer and a tour via twitter… they willingly obliged and received grand treatment (thanks for the tour Jeff!) 

When we mentioned not having a camping site for tonight they offered us the keys to the place so that we could camp in their parking lot (thanks Jim!)

And THEN, in case we got thirsty, they filled up a cooler with growlers of the good stuff to ease us into our second day of riding (thanks to everyone at Blue Point Brewery for the tasty beer- both created and consumed with much love and affection)

We can’t say enough about how awesome our first day was.  We were a little wiped at mile 65 due to the enormous weight of our gear, but the generosity of the Blue Point Crew instantly revived us.

We can’t imagine that any brewery could be a more spontaneously amazing host!  (yes, future brewery stops, that is a challenge)


Quote of the day: “Making beer is like baking a cake” –Jeff (followed by a very clear and relevant explanation of why that is the case)

Mechanicals: 1 chain fell off (easily put back on)

Pushups:  179 total for the team for the day (wow!)


-The Bike and Brew Crew



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  1. Clara
    2. September 2009 at 13:42

    I can’t wait to hear about bike & brewers on a boat!

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