Day 12 + 13 – Lake Placid to Canton, NY to CANADA!

Lake Placid to Canton, NY -

Canton, NY to Ivy Lea, Ontario – CANADA!!

We woke up to chilly temperatures in Lake Placid. Tracy and Sara set an early alarm to enjoy an hour of bouldering 7 miles down the road. Anders and Caroline stayed cozy at the lodge for an extra hour sipping delicious coffee and continuing to solidify their best buddy status. Then we hit the road for an ambitious day of riding. We were to cover 83 miles to make it to Canton, NY–a day ahead of schedule. Ultimately, this would save us from some back-to-back century rides on the other side of the border. Caroline’s friend, Heather, ran cross-country for St. Lawrence University located in Canton, and she was wonderful about contacting old friends and teammates, who opened their wonderful home to four weary (and hungry!) travelers. Jon and Sara—we thank you so much! We enjoyed a great barbeque with a whole gang of fantastic Saint Lawrence alums. It was a blast, and the tight-knit and domestic group actually made Caroline question her commitment to eternal city life.

From there, we were a mere 18 miles to the border. Happily we rolled along, and Caroline was excited about her first time leaving American soil. But WAIT! No bikes or pedestrians permitted on the bridge! Puppy dog eyes and winning smiles were of no use to the border patrol, and the four of us were left to figure out a way to get across the impressively ominous bridge. Once again, we had to rely on the kindness of strangers. Ronnie, owner of a truck, and on his way to Retriever Field Nationals, came to our rescue. He carried loads of gear, bikes, and quatre (we can’t help but speak a little French now!) grateful cyclists across the border. It was nerve-racking and exhilarating to explain our connection to the border patrol on the other side. In all the hoopla, Caroline forgot to request her first stamp in her passport.

After only 5 or so miles, we stopped to enjoy a quick picnic lunch. There, we met a lovely woman who recommended we take the 1,000 Islands Parkway for most of our day’s ride for a less-trafficked and more scenic route. We gladly took her advice and it was a beautiful ride. After another suggestion from a nice gentlemen at a bathroom stop, we stopped to camp at a┬áprovincial┬ápark in Ivy Lea. It was a great campground to rest our weary legs and get a good night’s sleep after a paced 61 miles. But, alas, there was NO BEER to be bought anywhere! Anders, on a bold mission, rode an extra 17 miles in search of a brew…but to no avail. Seriously, the man likes to unwind with a beer (or five). We quickly learned the laws of the LCBO (Liquor Control Board of Ontario) and vowed never to let it get the best of us again!!!


Click here to see more images from bouldering and the ride from Lake Placid to Canton, NY

Click here to see more images from bouldering and the ride from Lake Placid to Canton, NY

Please click here to see more images from Canton, NY to CANADA!

Please click here to see more images from Canton, NY to CANADA!

and we have a special video favorite from Canton, NY:


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  1. Mary
    17. September 2009 at 08:01

    We had such a wonderful visit, hearing all about your adventures. Bryan and I have mentioned your adventuresome spirits many times as we are envious of your traveling journey. I know your morale will be low at times, but try to enjoy every moment of your trip as it will soon be over and you’ll be sitting on the couch in your living room after a nice warm shower, wishing for some reason you were out in a cold tent and bathing in a cold lake.

    I felt terrible for you after we recommended Kingston and heard you weren’t able to cross the border…I see you have made your way around this obstacle but the ride we suggested to Kingston probably seemed quite dreamy after that.

    Best Wishes!

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