Day 2 – Patchogue to Greenport Harbor Brewing Co

Day two started off with the beeping of the forklift, the dragging of hoses, and the shuffling of malt. I woke up around 5am to the sounds of Blue Point Brewery – already a couple hours into their brew day. From my tent I could see the brew kettles and fermenting tanks through the open warehouse doors, the early brewers eagerly at their days work.

At the more reasonable hour of 7am we got out of our tents, yawning and brushing our teeth in the parking lot of Blue Point, as business carried on as usual behind us… kind of surreal!

Head brewer Allan showed us where the coffee was located (thank goodness!) and Pete Cotter swapped stories over a cup of “rocket fuel.”

Blue Point – We don’t know how we could thank you guys more for a fantastic first day and night. Cheers all around and from the Bike and Brew Crew.

After leaving Blue Point we headed up toward Greenport, NY- about 55 miles away. We chugged along and stopped in Aquebogue for lunch. Down a small side street we found the water, and sat along beach wall to eat our deli fair.

“Hello” said a high pitched but friendly voice from behind us (ok, maybe friendly isn’t the write descriptor…think more like The Shining). We turned to find a plaid skirted, chubby cheeked six-year-old standing with a hand full of business cards. Claudia could really use a post dedicated entirely to her – but I’ll sum it up in one phrase: best of friends, worst of enemies. Caroline learned that the hard way (see video).

Arriving earlier than anticipated, we swung by Brewers Yacht Yard for a quick dip in their pool (appropriate name, right?). The marina manager, Mike Acebo, is a close friend of Bike and Brew, and hooked us up with a beautiful sailboat on which to spend the night.

At four pm we rolled down to the newly established Greenport Harbor Brewing Company, and found the firehouse doors open and the taps flowing! The had opened the brewery especially for us, but locals had immediately taken advantage of the situation and stopped by the taproom for pints.

They had four beers on tap, all made in-house within the past few months – and each extremely tasty and drinkable. DJ and the Greenport Harbor Brewing Co crafted a delicious IPA, a Summer Ale (thanks for the growler!), a Harbor Ale and a Porter. We tried them all!
We also got cool anchor tattoos (thanks Anne) and t-shirts.

For dinner, Mike and Pam Acebo welcomed us into their home, fed us well, and then deposited us on our floating accommodations for the night. Thanks for the burgers and the boat!


Quote of the day: “No mom, I don’t think this is going to cause permanent damage to my vagina” -Caroline

Team pushups: Zero

Mechanicals: Zero

Trip Goals: Sara has continued to floss.


5AM View from my tent

5AM View from my tent



Biking through Long Island

Click on this picture for more images of biking through Long Island


Click on this picture for more images of us at Greenport Harbor Brewing Co

Click on this picture for more images of us at Greenport Harbor Brewing Co


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