Day 27 – The Shitty Barn Party – Madison to Spring Green, WI

miles biked – 45

9/26/09 After a few days of very few miles on the bike, the crew was getting a little restless, so we when heard there was a party out in a barn in Spring Green, about 45 miles west of Madison, we decided a little ride on our day off was more than worth it.  Talk about being the twig.

Our half day off in Madison was very nice, we went to the largest farmer’s market in the country, Caroline was able to squeeze in a run with Leah while Anders and Sara hit the local coffee shop for a game of chess (it was a stalemate.  typical.).   We all sat sound to a late brunch, ostrich egg scramble (yes, an actual ostrich egg from the farmers market) and then hit the road for the barn party.

Little did we know just how perfect this party was for our trip!  Turns out, it wasn’t just any party but the Furthermore BREWERY Shitty Barn Party.  All you could drink Furthermore Beer, Just Coffee, a locally grown pig roasted right there at the party and 3 awesome bands playing right there in the barn.  Plus, everyone (including us) camped out right there in the field and the 45 miles to the party put us 45 miles ahead of schedule for our WI riding.

The party was a trip highlight so far.  Everyone we met seemed to be in to sustainable food, bikes, beer, good coffee and good music.  It was our demographic to a T.  And we felt like celebrities the whole night, because Leah and Ahren, as well as Anders friend Johnny, had told everyone there who we were before we got there so everyone we met greeted us by saying “hey, aren’t you the bike and brew kids?”.

More photos of Madison and the Ostrich Egg

More photos of Madison and the Ostrich Egg

Furthermore Shitty Barn Party

Furthermore Shitty Barn Party


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  1. Lori
    1. October 2009 at 17:18

    how fantastic! I thought you were calling beer shitty and I was like “wait that is something I would say…. not sara and the gang.” So I am glad for your shitty party and happy that you are all dinosaurs and consume large eggs. Stay warm… NYC is freezing today! xoxo

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