Day 3 – Greenport to New London to East Granby – plus the Willamantic Brewery


Riding: about 75 HILLY miles

Caroline: found 21 cents on the ground, which she decided was good luck because it is her jersey number and Roberto Clemente.

We woke up on the yacht! (the Cymbidium) which was  first for sara, caroline and anders (tracy wasn’t impressed, she’s plenty of nights sleeping on boats, but they thought it was cool.  ((she WAS impressed by the view)).  While we loved spending our first night at a brewery, we slept quite a it better without the sound of compressors in the morning.

From the boat, we hustled over to Orient to take the ferry to New London.  Yeah!  Our first new state: Connecticut.

In New London we picked up our first guest rider, Tracy’s uncle John.  Also, Tracy’s dad packed all of our gear into the car and chauffeured it up to Northern Connecticut for us.   Which was awesome, because it was our first day of hills!  Anders, Tracy and Caroline did some good muscling, but Sara decided she’s going to have to get rid of some stuff before we get to the mountains. 

After 30 miles, we made a midday brewery stop for lunch at the Willimantic Brewing Company.   It was a beautiful space, converted from a post office in 1994 and voted this month in Connecticut magazine as the best brewery in CT!  Good thing we made the stop.  Their general manager Kim gave us the history of the place and then the assistant brewer Jake showed us around the brewing operation (which was a very efficient set up).  The head brewer David was out of town brewing up a special batch/limited release brew at Sierra Nevada, which we are hoping will be ready by mid October we when get to Chico!  As we were leaving the brew pub, they loaded us up with a growler to go, know that we couldn’t drink much as lunch.  Talk about thoughtful!  We were also joined for lunch by Sara’s aunt Carol, who lives in Storrs.  It was great to have so much family near by these first few days.

After lunch, we punched through another 30 or so miles and we stopped in at Uncle John’s firehouse in East Hartford, CT.   Then off to Tracy’s Grandma’s before staying the night at Tracy’s parents.  Even though we were only 3 days in, it was pretty amazing to have a home cooked dinner, a hot shower and our first chance at laundry (yeah for clean spandex!).

Also, we got our bike and brew cards and post cards, so our media blitz can finally begin.  Sweet.


Please click this image to see more from Day 3

Please click this image to see more from Day 3


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Please click on this image to see more photos from Willi Brew


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