Day 32 – Not Quite Teleported – Minneapolis MN to Denver Colorado

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10/1/2009  Day 32 is a very controversial day in the bike and brew tour.  First of all, its a the first day on the tour that we can’t remember what day it is.  We were really good at remembering what day we were on based on what day of the month it was.  However, when it was the 17th of the September for example, we knew it was day 18 of the trip.  After day 32 though, all hell breaks loose.  Thus the lateness of this post:)

The second controversy of this day (and this MIGHT be bigger) is that we chose to take a bus 900+ miles to Denver, CO instead of biking through the rest of WI to South Dakota, Montana, Wyoming, Idaho, etc.   Now most people, when they think about it, agree that taking a bus to CO instead is a good idea but we still feel a little weird when someone says “where you coming from, did you bike the whole way?” because we didn’t.  But we still biked a long way.

However, controversy or not, the bus trip was an adventure like every other day.  We got up in Minneapolis, cooked ourselves a ostrich stick and egg scramble, and jumped on our bikes to the bus station, sans stuff (thanks Matt!).  It was a nice 3 mile ride through the city but the weather was cold and cloudy and we were ready to check out a new climate.  Hopefully we could get back on our sunny streak.

The bus station was beautiful (as bus stations go) and it had plenty of space for us to box up our bikes.  The pack up went off without a hitch but it took a bit longer than we expected.  By the time we were all boxed and bagged and ready to go it was time to get on the bus.  It was perfect timing except that we hadn’t eaten lunch.  We grabbed a few snacks from the vending machine and crossed our fingers that our next stop would have something substantial to eat.  That was, apparently, asking too much.

For the entire 19 hour bus ride, we had nothing but vending machine food to eat, except one truck stop at 1 in the morning, where we were able to wolf down omelets and chocolate milk.  We would have felt gross enough based on what we ate alone, but we had the added bonus of being on a very crowded bus all night, with multiple men alternating between smoking in the bathroom and hacking up their lungs while they were in their seats.

Without dwelling too much, it was a painful ride.  We were ecstatic when we arrived in sunny Denver at 6:45am.  We unpacked our bikes (the station wasn’t nearly as nice, but we pulled it off) in front of a few hundred people, hopped on our saddles and arrived at Patty’s house (Sara’s good friend) about 8:15am, surprisingly awake and ready to check out the town.

Boxing our Bikes

Boxing our Bikes

Junk Food, Yum

Junk Food, Yum


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  1. Emily
    7. October 2009 at 09:13

    this is maybe my favorite post yet…at the point of “multiple men alternating between smoking in the bathroom and hacking up their lungs while they were in their seats” I would be buying a ticket home. You girls are beasts!

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