Day 38 – Reverse Gravity – Lyons to Nederland to Denver

Miles biked – 44 (but a very big 44)

10/07/2009 After confirming that our pass across the Rockies was indefinitely closed (with more bad weather heading our direction) we looked up the train schedule and found that we could take a highly recommended scenic train from Denver to Glenwood Springs.   We didn’t want to leave the area feeling completely defeated though, so we decided to take the extra time we were gaining to do some climbing (on a bike.  Sorry Tracy!).  We figured if we got ourselves good and tired, we wouldn’t feel bad riding the train the next day.  We left Lyons and got on the road to Nederland, where we had heard there was a good brewpub.

Most of the route was on a road called “peak to peak” and we’d been told it was “a lot of up and down”.  Well, a lot of up and down was actually 24 miles up and then 11 miles down, plus a few more miles up after that.   Not exactly rolling hills but definitely a work out.  When we got to the top, 4 hours in, we realized that biking down to Ned, and then another 40 miles all the way to Denver probably wasn’t going to happen. We had some nachos for lunch and the most amazing coconut cream pie ever at the one restaurant on the route.   Their tagline was “its all downhill from here.”  We were ecstatic.  The cook also happened to be a cyclist and he told us “its mostly downhill from here, but on the few turns that look like they are uphill, don’t worry.  There’s this amazing reverse gravity here, you’ll love it.”  It was a pretty amazing decent, the road wasn’t too busy and the views were magnificent.  Between the coasting and the pie, the climb ended up being worth it.

The brewery in Nederland, Wild Mountain Smokehouse and Brewery, was a great stop.  We had a beer sampler, some ribs, some cider, some hummus and a twice baked potato.  Just a little snack before the bus to Denver?  One nice thing about the city buses is that they are happy to throw your bikes in the lower compartment, probably the most friendly bus drivers you’d ever meet.

Back in Denver, it was a short 6 mile ride to Patty’s house.  By this point, we felt like locals, we didn’t even have to look up directions.  Thank heavens for Patty and her huge house in Denver and unlimited supply of carrot cake!


Lyons to Ned

Lyons to Ned


3 Responses to “Day 38 – Reverse Gravity – Lyons to Nederland to Denver”

  1. Chad Melis
    14. October 2009 at 15:19

    Thanks for coming & good luck on your way west. follow Jupitor my friends…

  2. bikeandbrew
    14. October 2009 at 15:29

    Dear Chad,
    Meet us in California… Jupiter will guide you.
    Bike and Brew

  3. Patty
    14. October 2009 at 16:26

    you are forever welcome at my house! just give me a little notice and i’ll be prepared with baked goods! xoxo patty

    p.s. please tell ryan he is welcome to stay at my house too. hee.

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