Day 39 – The Denver Vortex (Ryan was right) – Denver to Glenwood Springs

Miles biked – 6

10/8/09 While we’d been tooling around the Denver/Boulder/Ft. Collins area, we’d spent a little time hanging out with Tracy’s friend Ryan, who was also tooling around the area on his motorcycle.  We found it kind of hilarious that we kept crossing paths but his response was “You wait, Denver sucks you back.  I keep going other places and ending up back in Denver.”  Well, when we woke up in Denver, a little less that a week after we first got there, we realized he was right.  Our only hope was that we’d be able to get out – on the train to Glenwood Springs.

We biked back downtown in some very chilly weather (they were expecting snow) and arrived at the Amtrak station freezing and ready to get on our train.  But, right there at the front door of the station was a sign that said “Due to a derailed train in Glenwood Canyon, all trains will detour from Denver straight to Salt Lake City.”  It was almost laughable, we were starting to think we really wouldn’t be able to leave.  However, there was a bus going to Glenwood, so we decided we’d get on the bus.  The bus tickets were $30 more than the train, but we bought them anyway.  Then we walked our loaded bikes over to the baggage area.  “Ladies, you better start taking those bikes apart because they have to be boxed and just so you know, these buses are pretty full so they may not make it until tomorrow.”  That just wasn’t going to work, so we stood in the station, faces long, really not interested in biking in the cold back to Patty’s but not sure what else we could do.   And then, a miracle.  The man we’d purchased our tickets from walked up to us and asked “what’s wrong girls?”  We explained and he just said “let me talked to my boss.”  Next thing you know, we’re on the bus, our bikes safely stored underneath, not boxed and we were chatting with the friendly people on their way to Glenwood Springs, all of us stretched out in our own seats.

The bus was a beautiful ride.  Apparently, the train would have been nicer, but the bus was nice and it got us there about two hours faster.  Plus, on our arrival to scenic Glenwood Springs we were picked up Sara’s aunt (an unexpected connection) who joined us for lunch at the Glenwood Canyon Brewery.  We had some tasty eats, a few tasters of their brews (we liked their darker beers especially) and then we checked out the town.  It was a lovely town, known best of course for their hot springs.  We spent a good hour or so soaking in the hot water and decided that the twig was exactly where it needed to be.


Glenwood Springs

Glenwood Springs


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