Day 4 – East Granby to Cambridge

The 4 of us woke up in Tracy’s parents lovely home to clean spandex, hot coffee and fresh blueberry pancakes.  Talk about spoiled!  Once again, we had most of our gear transported for us to our next destination, so we we’re free to take on lofty goal of a 98 mile hilly ride into Boston as light at possible.

We were hoping to get an early 8:30am start but you know what they say “best laid plans”… Instead, we got off at about 9:30am, well fed and rested and ready for some beautiful riding.  We’ve been so lucky with the weather, nothing but sunny and low eighties.   Plus, Tracy’s mom packed us two and a half sandwiches a piece, so we didn’t have to worry about lunch.  Why didn’t we think to bring a mom on this whole trip?? 

It was a pretty uneventful day.  We did a lot of riding, getting into a pretty good groove as far as our pace goes, and we finally got used to the fact that we need to eat a lot EARLY in the day so that we’re not starving in the end.  It made all the difference.  We made it 75 miles with pretty much no trouble.  However, as we got closer to Boston, we ended up on Route 9, which was pretty much a commuter highway, at 5pm.  It was smelly and horrible, and possibly unsafe (commuters do get a bit feisty around 5…) so we decided to pat ourselves on the back on our great ride and then hopped on the commuter train into Boston.  We arrived in Cambridge at Sara’s good friend Peter Rosa’s parents house where our gear had been dropped off by Tracy’s parents (thanks AGAIN!) and then we went out to a “real boston pub” – O’Sullivans – for some Harpoon and some great food.  Did we mention how hungry we get biking every day?

BIG BIG BIG thanks for the Rosa’s for letting us stay at their historic Cambridge home.   Having a place to crash right in town was key.




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