Day 5 – Some things are better than beer – day off and The Cambridge Brewing Company

Riding: sara and anders 20 miles, Caroline and Tracy 12 miles (I thought this was a day off?)

On Friday we woke up at the house in Cambridge house at a nice and late hour.  Caroline started her day off with some reading at the local coffee shop, Anders and Sara slept until 10:30 and then hit the coffee shop and the grocery store for provisions.  Tracy slept in the amazingly late hour of 11am.  Good job Tracy!

From there, the group broke up.  Tracy and Caroline when the 7 Cycles Bike factory on invite from Matt O’Keefe, one of the managers there who found US on Twitter.   How cool is that?  Then they went to check out Tracy’s brothers new bachelor pad in Brookline.  They loved the place (especially the hot tub they are installing on the roof!) but were pretty happy we decided against staying with him and his 7 college roommates.

Anders and Sara took the train out to Framingham and then a short bike ride over to Holliston to visit Sara’s 85 year old grandmother.  She was very impressed with their physical fitness, and once we got her up and running, she was very adept at manuvering through our website.   She is impatiently waiting for this update.

The group met back up at the Cambridge Brewing Company for a few drink, some awesome nachos and pizza and a pretty fabulous tour (especially given how busy the place was) from owner Phil Bannatyne.  He asked us what we wanted to see and we told him “anything that makes your brewery special” and he was like “oh, I’ve got special – we will go to the basement!”   It was there that we saw many, many barrels of beer that they are aging.  This industry is getting fancy!  We also got more free tee shirts.  Sweet!

A few places we didn’t visit while we were in Boston – The Boston Brewing Company (Sam Adams) and Harpoon.  Starting off the trip we had every intention of going to both places but after 4 day of riding, we decided that having a day to see family and to go running (Caroline) and just generally sleep was worth more than the chance to taste more beer.

Click here to see more images from Caroline and Tracys trip to Seven Cycles

Click here to see more images from Caroline and Tracy's trip to Seven Cycles

Sara and her Gram

Sara and her Gram

Petes Apt has heated bathroom tiles.

Pete's Apt has heated bathroom tiles.

Phil shows us around the Cambridge Brewing Co

Phil shows us around the Cambridge Brewing Co


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