Day 57 – Chillin’ in Chico – Sierra Nevada Brewery

Miles Biked – zero

Miles walked – about 10

Approx total miles biked – 2815

Day until party in Seattle – 18


It was great to have a day off after our long days through Nevada and then through the Sierra Nevadas (the hills, not the beer yet).  We spent the day on foot, all refusing to pedal for at least one day while we recovered from our 120 miler the day before.  After an amazing breakfast at Café Coda, with some of the best coffee we’ve had on the trip (thanks for the rec Larry!) we spread out to see the town.  The plan – meet up in a few hours for the 2:30pm tour at Sierra Nevada.  Well, Tracy and Caroline made it to the brewery and had a great time feeling especially knowledgeable after having already been on over 30 tours for the trip. Cheers to the tour guide – she did a great job as it was the first tour she had ever given! And cheers to Sierra Nevada who are operating at 99.5 percent sustainability. The taproom was not open though, because it was Monday so there was no tasting.  Anders and Sara didn’t make the tour unfortunately- a bit of bad directions from the google app.  Instead, they hit a few thrift stores, starting the search for our much talked about Halloween costumes.

Everyone met up afterwards back at Larry and Karen’s house.  They had generously offered to take us to dinner at the Western Pacific brew pub in Oroville that wasn’t QUITE on our route.  It was a fun time and we had the sampler of brews served by the most amusing server yet – an adorable and slightly smartallacky older woman who had been at the establishment, through different ownership, for 26 years.

After the brewery, it was off to the Graduate, THE beer bar in Chico, with about 30 beers on tap, including EVERYTHING from Sierra Nevada.  We drank beer, tried every machine they had to put quarters in and decided we’d be more than happy to stay in Chico longer if only we could.

Sierra Nevada

Sierra Nevada

The Crew at the Graduate

The Crew at the Graduate


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  1. John
    8. November 2009 at 19:52

    Hey Bikers, great blog. Love all the updates, if you ever come back to reno to live, look me up maybe I can get you connected with Micro Brewing or work.

    All the Best,

    John I met you all at Great Basin and am the guy holding up the banner on the right.

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