Day 58 – Bike and Brew and the Blustery Day – Chico to Williams CA

Miles biked – 59

Approx Total Miles Biked – 2874

Days until party in Seattle – 17

10/27/2009  Waking up in Chico, the twig was stuck in a whirlpool at the side of the river.  Our planned route was to head north to Redbluff and then across the costal range to Eureka on 36.  It was a very desolate, hilly and difficult route, even without the wind, that would take us about 3 days and put us in Eureka 2 days before Halloween.  However, our plan was to stay in Eureka on Halloween (meaning we had an extra day) and with the wind blowing at about 40 miles an hour from the north, we decided that our plan was not the way the twig was flowing.

Instead, we wandered around Chico: dressed up at a biker shop (in leather) and stopped by Karen’s dental office to stock up on toothpaste and floss. At about noon, we finally got on our bikes and went south.  It was a pretty awesome ride, with the wind at our backs for the first time.  We cruised at around 20 miles an hour for most of the day, putting in little effort.  We even had enough time to frolic in a pumpkin patch. Our new plan was to cross the mountains on route 20, a slightly less difficult crossing, and be able to hit a few more breweries.  We did about 45 miles south to Calusa, and almost stopped for the day.   However, it was only 3pm and we knew we should really get a little bit farther to stay on track so we finally did what we’d been avoiding all day and started riding into the wind.  10 miles of miserable riding later we arrived in Williams, the next town over, and started nesting for the night.  At the bar.  We had food, wifi and beer, so it seemed like the perfect place to hang out.  Caroline managed to find us a place to sleep for the night at a friendly couple’s house so we took our time and updated the blog and tried to figured out how we were going to get up the coast with our new plan.

Riding to Williams, CA

Riding to Williams, CA


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