Day 59 – Taking the low road – Williams to Lake Mendocino, CA

Miles Biked – 79

Approx total miles biked – 2953

Days until party in Seattle – 16

10/28/2009 Riding out of Williams was not nearly as much work as riding in.  The wind had died down a bit and it was beautiful and sunny.  We fought a bit of wind but it was flat for the first 10 miles or so until we started the climb into the coastal range.  And what a climb it was!  Our highest climb was about 1,800 feet but there was a lot of up and down getting there.  Each time we got to the top of one hill we thought, “was that it?  do we get to go down now?”  When the decent finally came though, it was awesome.  We rolled down into Lucerne for a sandwich break after a 10 mile or so ride along Clear Lake, envying every person with a house along the water.  We also saw our first out it the open medicinal marijuana store, The Cool Cove, which was kind of hilarious to ride by.  Just a little reminder that we were in Northern California.

We weren’t exactly sure at the start of the day where our end point was.  We had hoped to get to Ukiah, which was about 85 miles away where Tracy knew a friend from college was living.  However, we didn’t know until the day before that we were heading in that direction so we hadn’t been able to get a hold of her yet.  In Lucerne we decided that camping at Lake Mendocino was our best bet.  We had about 2 hours of daylight to go 26 miles, so as long as we didn’t hit anymore big climbs we could do it.

As with most of our riding days, we made it just in time.  We arrived at the lake, set up camp, made dinner and went to sleep.  It was another meal of couscous and chili and hot chocolate.  No complaints here.

Williams to Lake Mendocino

Williams to Lake Mendocino


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  1. Clara
    6. November 2009 at 13:17

    Anders, can’t you walk _behind_ the trees??

  2. Laura
    9. November 2009 at 19:18

    please don’t leave us hanging in cali guys. i want the pacific NORTHwest. :)

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