Day 61 – Laytonville to Eureka, CA

Miles biked – 80.

Approx total miles biked – 3078.

Days until party in Seattle – 13.

10/30/2009  If you read the last post, you might be a little surprised by the distance we traveled for day 61.  Waking up in Laytonville, we had resigned ourselves to making it as far as Fortuna (about 80miles) and then riding then next 40 to Eureka on Halloween day.  Even that seemed like a stretch considering the day before we were wiped out after 45 miles.  We woke ourselves up before sunrise, packed up, had some Grapenuts and rolled over to the gas station for our caffeine fix hoping to get some miles under our wheels as soon as it was light enough.   It was an insanely foggy morning and we were in the mountains, so we were concerned about safety on the winding roads but we didn’t want to wait to long to get started considering our short ride the day before.  We huddled around the gas station coffee machine trying to convince ourselves to start riding when a large, empty, white truck rolled in driven by a young couple about our ages.  It took us a few minutes to discuss amongst ourselves whether it was a good idea and then a few more to get up the courage, but then Caroline bravely approached them to see if they happened to be heading in our direction.  As luck would have it, they were taking 101 north to Garberville, about 40 miles right on our route.   They said they’d be happy to take us as far as we wanted to go.  We did some quick calculations and realized that depending on the terrain, if we road all the way to Garberville, we might have enough time to get to Fortuna for a late lunch at Eel River Brewing Company and then get to Eureka that night so that we could still have Halloween off.

Taking the ride was probably one of the smartest decisions we’d made.  Not only did it give us a jump start for the day but the ride was a very windy and steep road without much of a shoulder.   In a perfect world we would have waited out the fog and done many short days of riding rather than try to make it out of the mountains in one day, but given our schedule the ride was perfect.  We arrived in Garberville at about 10am, still thick in the fog but only a few short miles away from the Avenue of the Giants, a 30 mile stretch of scenic redwood forest parallel to 101.  With less hills and less traffic we were able to meander our way through the fog and check out the scenery without risking our lives.  Thanks so much to Brianna and Keller!

After the Avenue (and a delicious second breakfast in Miranda, a town in the middle of the forest) we got back on 101 for a swift 20some miles to Fortuna.  We had lunch at Eel River and did a small sampling of their certified organic beers.  They didn’t have anyone around to give us a tour so we continued on the 26 miles to Eureka where our warm showers hosts, Dick and Kathy were waiting.  As soon as we were back on the road, the fog returned and it was a somewhat terrifying ride as the sunset.  It wasn’t the safest riding we’d done, but we had made it to the coast were ready for the big day following – Halloween!

Biking through NorCal fog

Biking through NorCal fog

Biking through the Redwoods

Biking through the Redwoods


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  1. Lori
    9. November 2009 at 22:55

    I just received my lovely MORMON postcard from Miss Sara… who apparently has not been reading my stupid blog comments or excited exclamations after seeing jumping shots?!?! YES SARA I have been reading every blog and checking out the pics. And I even can recite the “Heidi Song”. After my very successful Beyonce Halloween.. I think I am going to be “Heidi Song” girl next year.

  2. Clara
    12. November 2009 at 12:07

    Are you in Seattle yet ?????

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