Day 67 – Elkton to Eugene, OR

Miles biked – 50

Total for trip- 3313

Days to Party – 10

11/5/2009 Crashing in the field in Elkton worked for us, but our tents didn’t love it.  It was very damp and our tents where already pretty mildewy.  We vowed as we packed them that we would dry them out as soon as we got to Eugene as there was a chance this was our last day of camping.  The end was in sight and it was exciting but a little bit sad.  For breakfast, we went to the OTHER restaurant in Elkton (besides the sports bar/convenience store/diner), an adorable little Italian bistro – or was it French, Caroline? :) – that was one of the first places in a while that felt like it could be in New York.  A little taste of home.

Our ride to Eugene, which we hoped to finish before 1pm when the rain was supposed to hit, was 50 miles.  We finished breakfast at 8:30am and figured that as long as we didn’t hit any major hills we’d be right on track.  The first 15 miles were done in a zippy hour but then we got a harsh reminder that we were on west coast.  There was a huge 5 mile climb on a road called Territorial that kicked out butts.   At noon, we’d only made it 35 miles but we had to take a food break.   We ate the last of our groceries and had some coffee at a cute shop in Lorraine where we met a motorcyclist out for a scenic ride who gave us routing tips through the back roads to Eugene.  Good thing too, because almost nothing was labeled like the map!

After that stop, we resigned ourselves to the fact that we were not going to make it to Eugene before the rain.  We did our final 15 miles up and down some rolling hills with raindrops rolling down our backs.  It was ok though, because we knew we had a warm place to stay ahead of us, with a hot tub!  We’d made another Warm Showers connection with a couple named Shane and Missy who had circumnavigated the US two years before and were now living in Eugene raising their 6 month old daughter Isadora.  It was like us in a few years!

We arrived in Eugene while our hosts were out but it worked out perfect.  We were able to change out of our rain soaked spandex and into dry clothes, and then we hit the town.  First stop – The Eugene City Brewpub, owned and operated by Rogue.  We were greeted in front of the pub by our server Tom who told us to roll our bikes around back and then started us with some samplers.  We knew we were going to like the Oregon breweries!  After warming our bellies a bit with some snacks, we got a tour of the downstairs brewing operation from their brewer Nate.  His story was awesome.  He had started professionally as a chemist and was a homebrewer hobbiest but when Track Town (the line of beers Rogue makes at Eugene City) was looking for a new brewer, they called Nate.  He was living every homebrewers dream!

After the pub, we biked back to Shane and Missy’s for an amazing homemade diner.  They made chicken with spinach, broccoli soup and the most AMAZING beet brownies.  It was a bikers paradise.  Also, Shane was nice enough to look at Caroline’s back wheel, as it was a little less than true ever since a keg had accidently fallen on it.  Oh, the life of a bike and brewer…

Foggy Elkton Morning

Foggy Elkton Morning

Rogue Eugene City Brewing Track Town

Rogue Eugene City Brewing Track Town

Nate brewing on possibly the smallest system weve seen yet

Nate brewing on possibly the smallest system we've seen yet


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