A Day in Auckland and Galbraith’s Ale House

12/21/2009 Monday morning our alarms went off at 6:30am and we begrudgingly packed up our huge backpacks for our journey back to Auckland.  Our bus picked us up right on time at 7:45am, and we made the 6 hour journey back to the big smoke.  It was sort of frustrating, having to go there at all, which is funny coming from two New Yorkers.  Auckland seems like a nice enough city but its much more expensive to entertain yourself in a city then out in nature.   We did see Avatar in 3D, the new James Cameron film they shot here in New Zealand.  It was amazing!

Then we had dinner and a sampler at the Galbraith’s Ale House.  Galbraith’s is an English style brewery, so there were many cask beers on tap which were served warmer and flatter than we’re used to (especially coming from Oz – the land of cold and fizzy beer!).  They also had one very flavorful Belgium style ale.  It was a tasty stop at our second NZ brewery. But all in all we are still missing our American beers. Show us the hops!

Galbraiths Ale House, Auckland, NZ

Galbraith's Ale House, Auckland, NZ


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