Mike’s Organic – day 2

12/15/2009 We were a bit exhausted in the morning, some animals – presumably possums – had a party around 2am on the tin roof of our little cottage while we were sleeping.  It not only woke us up, it was kind of creepy.  By the time we got back to sleep, it was time to get up for our second day of work.  We made ourselves a lovely breakfast of fresh croissants, apricot jam and strawberries, sipped some coffee and had a little giggle at how beautiful our surroundings were.  Then it was time to get crackin’.

A little bit disappointing, we didn’t get to work inside the brewery today, instead we did some gardening.  It was good to be working hard in the fresh air though and the newly planted beds looked pretty nice, thanks to Tracy, by the time we ate lunch.  I missed out on some of the back breaking work when Jill asked if one of us could throw together a traditional New Zealand pumpkin soup for lunch.  Cook for a big group?  I’m your gal.  It wasn’t perfect, but it did plant the idea in my head for a New Zealand dinner party…

After our meal, we were in a bit of a food coma.  We did the dishes and laid down on the couches for a bit of a nap.  We had big plans of biking to the beach, but we just couldn’t motivate ourselves to get going.  Instead, we finally got some free internet time!  It may sound a little silly, but for this past month, we’ve had very limited opportunities to just surf the net, most situations there is either no internet, or we have had to pay for it, so we haven’t been on much (you may have noticed the lack of posts…).  I know that being unplugged is supposed to be relaxing but for us, being away from our friends and family for so long, it feels a little isolating.

Emails checked, we finally got on our bikes.  It was a short ride over to the closest beach, and scenic all the way!.  We met a sow, and a bunch of calves before getting down to the cliffs along the water.  Just as we rolled to a stop through, I took a tumble over the handle bars going a little too fast over a rut in the clearly marked “unstable ground”.  Fade to black, and then the next thing I know, Tracy and Paul we’re leaning over me saying “Sara!  Sara!”  It was a little creepy passing out for a second but I got up without a problem, no bumps on the head (I was of course wearing a helmet), just some banged up elbows.   Luckily, the only thing left to do was to enjoy the view and walk on the beach, which I did just fine.

After an exhausting afternoon of horsing around at the beach, we made ourselves a steak and broccoli stirfry with couscous and some more pumpkin soup.  This meal was complimented by some tasty Mike’s Organic Ale – a hearty brew with a surprising amount of coffee and chocolate flavor.  Just another exciting day working at the brewery!

The beach near White Cliffs

The beach near White Cliffs

Paul on the cliffs near Mikes Organic

Paul on the cliffs near Mike's Organic


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