Mike’s Organic Brewery day 1!

We rolled out of bed at our hostel in New Plymouth, NZ excited to not only be off the typical tourist track, but also going to work at a BREWERY!  We had arranged to work at Mike’s Organic (also know at the White Cliffs Brewery) for 1 week and we were eager to get started.  Our alarm went off at 6am, unfortunately waking all 4 of our bunkmates.  We grabbed all of our stuff and drug it to the the bus stop.  The brewery was covering lunch but otherwise we were 4km from the closest store, which seemed like pretty far for carrying rations.  So we lugged our huge packs and six bags of groceries to the bus, and after a short ride got to our new home at 7:40am, about an hour before anyone else.

As the brewery workers strolled in, none seemed particularly interested in the two American girls hanging out in front.   In fact, one guy was chatting with the chickens roaming the grounds instead of to us.  We figured we’d just wait until the WWOOFer manager Jill arrived, since she was the one we’d be emailing with.  In the meantime, we met the WWOOFer’s we were replacing, an American and Kiwi couple who were currently traveling by car – but the guy was a cyclist who had biked down the west coast of the US all the way down to Guatemala recently (we = a bit jealous!) Also, we found out that one more WWOOFer was sticking around with us, a Texan named Paul who was traveling New Zealand by bike!  That pretty much sealed the deal, the twig was taking us down the right path.

We spent the morning labeling bottles, a surprisingly satisfying endeavor since we haven’t done any job-like activities in a while.  Just when we were getting the hang of things, our job was over for the day.  We spent lunch chatting up the staff, including their new head brewer who had just graduated from college 9 months ago- not a bad start!  Maybe we should also start our brewing careers here??

After lunch we had big plans to walk to the beach with Paul but then one of our new coworkers offered us a ride to her house where we could borrow two bikes for the week.  So we hung out, labeled some more bottles and then picked up our new rides.  Pedaling down the other side of the road for the first time, we were high as kites, ecstatic to be back on two wheels, the best way to travel.

Arriving at Mikes Organic/White Cliffs Brewing Co

Arriving at Mike's Organic/White Cliffs Brewing Co


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