Mike’s Organic Days 3 and 4


Its funny, even working half day we sleep a lot more than when we were just chillin’ all day.  We woke up just before we had to start working, grabbed some coffee and then finished us some gardening from the day before.  In fact, we finished that so quickly that Jill wasn’t sure what to do with us.  She ended up asking us to clean up the area around our little cabin, which we turned into a full landscaping event.  We cleared the tall grass around the porch and cleaned all the random building material off so that we had a nice place to put our little lawn chairs.  Then we dug up the area around the porch, found some wild lilies and planted a cute garden.

Again Jill asked us to prepare the lunch for the crew. This time she gave me a sack of potatoes and left over ham and said: “Make whatever you’d like.”  So I fried up the ham and made home fries and a green salad.  It was very American, which I think Jill kind of enjoyed- a little cultural exchange.

After our post lunch lounge, we hopped on our bikes to the nearby town of Urenui.  We bought chocolate and juice and then went to the beach to begin our search for sea treasures for our cottage mobile.  It was a disappointing beach for shells but there were some beautiful cliffs and black sand.

For dinner, we made savory crepes stuffed with mushrooms, cheese and carmelized onions and a little salad.  We saved one crepe each for after dinner and filled it with nutella and banana.  Our groceries seemed to be lasting quite well and the food is tasty.


It was another rough morning to wake up, at least until Tracy did a nice flip (or flop) off her bunk bed that woke everyone up.  Today we were back in the brewery bottling because it was brewing day!  Thomas, their young brewer gave us a nice tour and run down of the Mike’s Organic brew process, which was pretty cool.  They are a small operation, so it was interesting to see everything up close and personal as it was happening.  We bottled for almost 4 hours straight, with a quick break when the helicopter landed!   Some American tourists were doing their own brewery tour by air.  I think they’ve got the right idea!

The afternoon was another day of a bit of biking, and a bit of hanging out. We biked out into the countryside and then back with Mount Taranaki looming over the brewery. For dinner it was crepes again, but this time filled with avocados.  Did we mention that the brewery also has an avocado grove? Life is good.

Sara - bottling like a fiend

Sara - bottling like a fiend

Back on our sweet rides!

Back on our sweet rides!


2 Responses to “Mike’s Organic Days 3 and 4”

  1. Kathy (and Dick)in Eureka, CA
    20. December 2009 at 13:37

    Hi Tracy, Sara and Carolyn, Just caught up reading your blog and enjoying all your adventures.
    We just got back from cross country skiing and I’m on my way to Denver to see the grandsons.
    It’s raining here now, but we had some really cold weather–froze one of our pipes.

  2. bikeandbrew
    4. January 2010 at 14:09

    Hi Kathy and Dick, It’s great to hear from you! We are wandering around New Zealand making friends with all sorts of amazing folks. Gearing up for Anders arrival to Melbourne in about a month and hoping to put together a short Bike and Brew Tasmania ride in February. Hope you are enjoying the snowy white stuff! We are just trying to keep enough sunscreen on so we don’t burn. :)

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