The Riders

Meet the 4 riders on this 9 week adventure:

sara morrisson

29 years old, just quit her job in the photo industry and as of this trip is leaving new york after 7 years (exactly!). the tour ends in her hometown of seattle. she is riding a Surly Long Haul Trucker with back panniers and a front bag. her personal goals for the trip include: completing the 100 pushup challenge, going square dancing some time during the trip and flossing daily. after the ride she will be traveling to Australia with tracy and caroline and then returning to seattle (where she grew up) to make her way in the professional brewing industry. fun fact: the first day of the tour is her birthday.


tracy montigny

tracy likes hops and rock climbing. she has decided not to do any preparatory riding because she has bicycled across the country before, in 2003 with the first Bike and Build NUS trip. tracy recently left her (amazing!) job at CA1CA2 Cornelia Adams as a photo producer but probably won’t be returning to the photo industry for a while. she hopes that somewhere between Brooklyn and Seattle she will locate the best place to climb, ride, and brew beer… and will  then return to that place after the trip. tracy will be riding her good ole Trek 2000, but she could really use some new biking shoes.  trip goals: learn all the lyrics to Skee Lo’s “I wish.” Tracy was born and raised in the faraway exotic locale of East Granby, CT and attended Amherst College. 

caroline renkin

Caroline is 26 years old and from Midlothian, VA. She has lived in NYC for 4 years, soaking up every bit of the city she could while pursuing an acting career. She is dubbing this adventure her quarter-life crisis, during which she will dust off her joie de vivre. She has every intention of returning to Brooklyn, after a four month stint in New Zealand and Australia! (She is thrilled that both her sisters will be there with her upon her return!) One of Caroline’s goals is to aquire a taste for beer during this trip, but she really is just trying to prove to herself that she can indeed get stronger on the bike, since it is her least favorite part of triathlon. She is also determined to run some of the days during the trip, because “it just makes her feel better.”


Anders is from Kalamazoo, MI. He likes both beer and bicycles, and is mildly embarrassed by statements on this site implying that there’s anything ‘crazy’ about a trip of this sort — it’s the sort of thing that unambitious people do, regularly, and pretending otherwise is sort of sad and cringe-worthy. Though perhaps it is slightly crazy to manage the time away from work. Flossing is a worthy goal, but mostly he just hopes not to get kicked out of the tent.