Delayed entry, the first

If you care about any events of import, or would like to see some (very, very deserved) shout outs, please read the previous post. This is some very random minutia, with minute meaning what it means.

A pretty fantastic day, August 31st. I’ve had trouble remembering that it’s a monday — getting up and heading down to dumbo to leave, it seemed it must be a sunday; how else could I be riding a bicycle in brooklyn at 9.00 AM? It also turns out that people actually work in dumbo; I’d never been in the area on a weekday, and could never quite make sense of it, before. On the weekend (or actually, I guess I have been by there on weekdays late in the evening a couple times) it feels like a sort of evacuated soho. Actual humans, walking and driving and here & there riding bicycles, made me feel much more positively towards those few blocks than I had before.

I’m writing this in the parking lot behind the blue point brewery. In a few minutes I’ll head to bed and try out the sleeping bag&pad in the most artificial/sterile environment I can think of outside of my apartment: well tended asphalt (and they have beautiful asphalt here — I’m not just saying that, it really is quite lovely) is near optimal surface to pitch a tent. Nary a root or a stone. Bud light (or perhaps lite? I didn’t ask our way too helpful hosts about the spelling, and I now realize that I don’t actually know how to spell the real product), the brewery cat, has finally warmed up to us; while I drank beer and read and occasionally watched him, he spent fifteen minutes sniffing at the corner of Sara’s tent as she read w/in it. A strange animal. And a very likable one. Sr Li[ght|te] has some character.

We haven’t put too much a dent in the mass of beer that bluepoint left with us, but I did just finish off a growler of their (very tasty) summer ale by filling up my secondary water bottle with it. By tomorrow it’ll be flat, which is how I like it, on the bike — honestly boozy riding is of course an immensely bad idea, but a water-bottle-beer is a wonderful way to get some much needed on-the-bike-calories, over the course of a few hours in the afternoon.

And now to bed, to the gentle roar of the bluepoint condension unit. It’s really very comforting, and I ain’t [sic] lie.



Bud Light, guarding the tent.  Thanks, Blue Point.


3 Responses to “Delayed entry, the first”

  1. Chris
    2. September 2009 at 22:39

    Anheuser-Busch spells it “Light”; the Miller spelling is “Lite”. Don’t ask me why, or why I know that, but yeah.

  2. Adam
    3. September 2009 at 17:53

    such a great idea!
    i am looking forward to reading more about your adventure.

  3. Clara
    4. September 2009 at 08:36

    Y’all had a really long day yesterday!!! I hope you can relax a little bit today with a shorter ride. The single thing I would most like to see about your journey is a tweet of your daily mileage. Just my silly overly quantitatively-oriented self making a request you can feel free to ignore…

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