Dragonflies and Garter Snakes

– again, much delay between composition and delivery –

It’s been just a day since I wrote the last text which is up here, but somehow it seems like quite a few more. Still in Canada; last night, we stayed in the Mohawk Bay RV park, after advice from a strip-mall faux-irish bar; tonight, we’re camped out behind the marina in Port Hope. Fishermen are set in place up and down the wharf; I only hope that nobody calls the police on us. Moving elsewhere would be true and real pain. But at the moment nobody seems bothered; I’m at a picnic table typing this in the dark, next to a couple who asked after my ‘petri dish’ (collapsing camping cup), and the rest of our party are in their tents reading, and all is well with the world. Tomorrow, to Toronto, via commuter rail (really the best way to navigate the 10-15 miles outside a major city), and to internet. Only three or four days without, but it’s hurting a touch.

I’m not sure the cause, but morale has been low these last two days. Yesterday much more than today — yesterday was rather touchy and skittish, to be honest. Today seems more beat, though. Nobody really wants to ride. I kinda do want to ride, which makes me feel a tad guilty, seeing the others. Very short day tomorrow, though, and then a full day off in Toronto; I have a feeling that’ll bolster things back up again. All good and necessary.

The fauna on the road shoulders has changed pretty dramatically, these last ten days. Back in new hampshire and vermont, we had a good many dragonflies sunning themselves (or slowly passing away) on the hot asphalt, very slowly heaving up and down. This gave way (at two in the afternoon!) to crickets, from vermont through upstate NY and at a few points into Canada. And for the last four or five days, we’ve had small vertebrate road-kill. Mice, mostly, or maybe voles, or other sorts of smaller rodents … and then a few small snakes. Dogs and cats are far sadder, of course, and raccoons and the like are also common, but somehow the teeny flattened rodents are uniquely touching. I’ve seen at least five, probably more, these last few days … before that, I’ve never noticed one..

The woman from the petri-dish-querying couple just came over, and offered me the ends of their pizza. It’s pitch black out here, and the pizza is delicious. Onions and bacon and probably something else; the laptop light is not enough to see it by. A nice complement to tonight’s meal, which was on its own probably the best of the trip — couscous mixed with canned chili and avocado, preceded by a ‘cheese plate’ — sharp cheddar and grapes and spicy capicola and salted almonds and yogurt covered cranberries. Damn fancy for camp food, and truly delicious. We may have showered in the sink, but lake ontario is three feet away and sounds like the ocean, and we ate as well as anyone in new york. Life is awfully tolerable.

And I should maybe now brush the teeth, onions and all. Yr humble one two and three,


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  1. Rachael
    21. September 2009 at 18:51

    Enjoyed reading that, Anders. Nice post. -r

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