The Drama You Been Craving

Sitting aboard a ferry right now, below deck, on the way to Port Kent; if tonight’s lodging has internet, this’ll go up soonish; if not, you’ll read it when you read it, but your today will not be today. We’ve started to settle into a rhythm, which is nice, but it also means that the days blur together a bit. The beginning of the trip was a bit like adolescence — ultra-heightened … not emotions, exactly, but something similar to emotions … super aware at all times that the routine was not a normal routine, and Every Moment Is Interesting. With all the good and bad that an adolescent outlook provides. Now it’s more everyday. Sort of a shame.

Yesterday was a pseudo-off day, which meant we left Middlebury a bit after 11, and once we arrived in Burlington, either (a) went and saw District 9 (Caroline’s smart, smart, smart move) or (b) hung around outside strip malls in parking lots while Sara and Tracy browsed sporting goods. Which I guess implies option (c), but that one was for other people. I’m not bitter or resentful, mind you — I just wanted to watch some South African Alien Genocide. Or whatever the film was about — I wouldn’t know! I haven’t seen it.

Which brings us to today’s theme — things have settled into pace, and we get along rather well, really. Everything is running smoothly, and I’m pretty sure that kindness and fellow feeling abounds. But there have been a few bits of prickliness, and mostly submerged antagonism (see: adolescent attitudes, two P back) … and if this were any other sort of blog, I could write about it, in DEPTH, and there’d be some real entertainment for our public. A reality show where the morman-nee-baptist gets along easily w/ the ex-street-walking-transvestite-dancer isn’t much of a reality show. There must be misunderstandings, and there must be bruised feelings. And there have been, if only small’n’s. I acted a delightfully whiney shit for a half hour in the cambridge brewing house (or whatever the place was called) when it was announced that we’d be getting up at 6 the next morning … there were mitigating factors, but I was a truly pissy shit. And others weren’t thrilled, but did an ok job of not making it an issue. So that’s an example of mild crumminess, which I can set out publicly, as I was the villain … it’s only a shame that I can’t type out more.

But: smoother sailing now, and really, we’re all quite happy, etc & etc.

NH had good street signs, but VT may have even better ones. They preface no outlet, residential streets w/ ‘pvt’, which produced this gem — ‘PVT GOBBLER RD.’ Most hilarious thing my 8 year old self has seen in a couple days. They also use very realistic silhouettes to indicate potential obstacles — cow, horse, horse w/ human, tractor — only the human in the horse w/ human is stylized, a stick figure w/ a perfectly circular head, atop a horse that has each hair detailed. Iconic universal stick figures stuck in a real world. Sort of wonderful.

Also, the classiest license plates that we’ve seen. There’s probably another state out there that still uses white text on a flat color, but I can’t think of it. They do a couple things right up here. I’ll be sad to leave the covered bridges. The landscape merged smoothly from prep schools (exeter, andover, etc) to covered bridges, and then hilly farmland which would be wisconsin only with (cute little baby) mountains in the distance. Mountains — wee or no — improve a landscape.

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2 Responses to “The Drama You Been Craving”

  1. Ken
    11. September 2009 at 12:07

    waking up is the WORST. Nobody’s in a good mood at that point.

  2. Brian
    21. September 2009 at 18:28

    Up until about a year or two ago Michigan still had white text license plates on a plain blue background. That has since changed; something about the plates being hard to read by police while they’re high speed chasing you at night.


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