Day 20 – Back to the USA (where we know people!) – Warwick ON to Shelby Township MI

72.5 miles biked

Our last day in Canada we left our awesome campsite and the very early hour of 10:30am…. Sigh.

Made it 9 miles in a half hour and then stopped at one last Tim Horton’s just in time to get a sausage biscuit before 11am. Then it was off to the border at Sarnia. Again, we had planned to bike across but again we were told that there were no bikes allowed on the bridge. This whole, only-car-owners-can-go-in-and-out-of-Canada thing seems kind of wrong, but that is a whole other discussion. This time we didn’t even need to con a random stranger into taking us a across the border though because someone had Canada customs saw us coming and immediately said “well, I guess I’ll have to drive you.” It was pretty great. She let us pile our bikes into the customs truck and the Tracy and Caroline climbed in the back too (they called dibs, Anders and I got to chat with the custom’s lady in the front of the truck). She drove us very slowly (since there were passengers in the back of the truck) across the bridge into Michigan. It was a beautiful view of Lake Heron at the top of the bridge. At the border, there were surprisingly few questions about why we were in the customs truck and we quickly made it through and started loading our bikes to start riding again. However, US customs didn’t like our unload spot and did tell us we had “2 minutes to get out of the road”.

From the border, we finally got to do the one thing we’d all been waiting for – turn on our phones. We stopped at a BP and looked at maps and plotted our campsite for the night. In a previous version of our plan, we’d though we’d go straight from the border to Ann Arbor, but since we started farther out then the border and much later in the day, that really wasn’t an option, so we picked a campground about 60 miles from where we were. It was about 1:30pm.

3 hours later, we still had 27 miles go (we’d stopped for nachos:) ) and decided it really wouldn’t be safe to ride at dusk or later and we’d better come up with a new plan. Luckily, we had some connections. I made a few phone calls and got us a place for the night at the Ladopolous’ (her roommate Nikki’s parents) in Shelby Township. We went from camping for the night, to staying in a near mansion! Their home was beautiful and despite our last minute stay, they were able to give us everything we needed (showers, laundry, beer…) and more. Thank you Tom and Coleen for your hospitality! You made our return to the states better than we could have imagined.


Back to the USA!

Back to the USA!


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