Day 21 – Shelby Township to Ann Arbor Michigan

Miles ridden – 61

We reluctantly left the Ladopolous’ at 9:30am (only an hour after planned… getting better!) and worked our way down to Ann Arbor. There was some concern that we were too much in the detroit subburbs, but has it turned out, a day of directions to follow (instead of long stretches on the same roads) was exactly what we needed. Having places to turn every few miles made the first 20 miles fly by and then we found an AWESOME bike path. Right next to a road called Pontiac Trail we were able to ride through trees instead of strip malls for about 10 miles with no cars! Suddenly our 21st day was just a “sunday ride”.

We arrived in Ann Harbor about 3pm, repacked our stuff (Ander’s aunt volunteered to take our stuff to Kalamazoo so that we could do our first century a little light) and then hit the town. As it turns out, all four of us have good friends who live in Ann Arbor. Tracy got to go climbing (again), Caroline got to watch the Emmy’s and Sara and Anders when out, got trashed and watched live music until about 1am. And we hit 3 breweries: Arbor Brewing Company, Jolly Pumpkin (amazing pie) and Grizzly Good times:)

Click here for more photos from Day 21

Click here for more photos from Day 21


One Response to “Day 21 – Shelby Township to Ann Arbor Michigan”

  1. Jen
    4. October 2009 at 19:44

    I love the climbing pictures! ;)

    Also, I was happy to see you went to the art museum and Alterra in Milwaukee (I always make sure to take my Milwaukee visitors to those two places), and loved your Packers gear in Racine. I love Water Street Brewery too… I had one of my first good beers there.

    Good luck on the rest of your trip and great to see you, Tracy!


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