Day 22 – the Annamazoo century – Ann Arbor to Kalamazoo

miles ridden – 102.5

Its my experience (having ridden 4 now) that the best way to ride over a hundred miles on a bike in a day, is on very little sleep and if possible, hung over.

Day 22 started at 7:30am with a meet up at the Fleetwood diner in Ann Arbor. Exactly the kind of place you’d imagine – that street car look, old men having breakfast, and us, groggy and in need of breakfast and coffee. We’d plan to hit the road at 7:30am, but managed 8:15am. Not bad, considering none of us went to bed before midnight. A neighboring patron heard us moaning about our lack of Advil and hooked us up from a large bottle she happened to have in her purse and we were off! We did the first 12 miles without even thinking. Stopped for Vitamin Water (a bike and brew staple) and a bathroom break (after the 4 cups of coffee at the diner) and then just kept chugging. We did 50 miles by 12:18pm (18 minutes later than I had been gunning for, but still good, considering we took breaks) and then found the perfect lunch place in a small town just off the route in Albion. A large cafe with no one in there but the waitress/cook and a few regulars having coffee in the back. Nothing on the menu was over 6 dollars and most things were under 3. Awesome.

Bellies full with club sandwiches and second breakfasts we got back on our bikes for another 46 miles. All day, the sky was threatening to open up and right after lunch there was a light drizzle but it ended up being nothing to worry about. We kept up an amazing pace for the rest of the day (with a few restroom breaks) and made it to Ander’s parents house at 5:18pm. 102.5 miles in 9 hours, including breaks. Everyone felt good (sore but good) and Caroline finally did her first century. We stayed up JUST long enough to devour some hummus, chips, stew, Bell’s beer and chocolate cake and then hit the hay just after 8pm. Perfect.

Click here to see more images from Ann Arbor to Kalamazoo

Click here to see more images from Ann Arbor to Kalamazoo


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