Day 23 – yes, there really is a Kalamazoo

miles ridden – zero

September 22, 2009 - Day off number two was in Anders hometown of Kalamazoo.  We managed (well, some of us more than others) to sleep in quite late before chowing down on a hearty breakfast of oatmeal, eggs, cake, coffee, juice and fruit made by our welcoming hosts – Anders parents.  As we ate, we learned that Anders bike trek across country was not just an exciting adventure for him but a family rite of passage.    His parents have crossed states, provinces and continents since long before he was born.  They told us about Bikecentennial, years of TOSRV’s, Hemistour, and a few anecdotes about fighting off bears in Wisconsin and rogue camping all over the place.  Actually, they pretty much made us feel like wusses with our iphones and inflatable mats.  It was very inspiring!  Then we spent some time updating this here blog (yes… these things take time!) and went off to explore the town. Sara, Tracy and Anders had possibly the most delicious meal of the trip yet at Food Dance (Caroline had eaten and went to the local coffee shop to finish a crossword or two) and then Tracy went climbing (Sara joined her but didn’t get up too many walls).  The crew all met up back at the house and then went out to the much talked about Bell’s Brewery Eccentric Cafe to meet up with the crew from . It was a great night out, as we met a number of local bikers who do a weekly 30 mile ride and then meet up at the brewery and some not so local bikers, some Harley Davidson employees from Milwaukee who happen to be passing through. It felt like the whole place was bikers or brewers or both!

Kalamabrewwww at Bells

Kalamabrewwww - Bike & Brew running the show at Bell's


3 Responses to “Day 23 – yes, there really is a Kalamazoo”

  1. Chris
    25. September 2009 at 02:05

    Hey, glad to hear you guys got free t-shirts out of that deal. I was worried you might be upset with the unsolicited publicity, but I couldn’t resist e-mailing the Kalamabrew crew about it since it seemed right up their alley.


  2. Janice-Mom
    26. September 2009 at 11:21

    Christian and I have been enjoying the trip. and yes the Drama and emotion is great . Loved the video of the 3 in the tent with caroline, My request is that you let us know who is writng each post , preferably at the beginning. Would love to have you ring me this weekend Sara. Mom

  3. devin
    28. September 2009 at 14:16

    Have fun and enjoy the beer,,,here is chads info…Chad Melis” <

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