Day 49 – Nevada Has Mountains – Wendover to Wells NV

miles biked – 60

10/18/2009 Day 49 was a funny day.  Not funny haha, more like funny unexpected, but funny all the same.  We woke up at the Golden Nugget in Wendover after our long day biking through the salt flats of Utah and figured “we have 60 miles to do for the day, we don’t have to start early, we should be able to do that in under 4 hours.”  So we had ourselves a leisurely breakfast in the atrium of the hotel and then spent 45 minutes or so changing the last flats of the previous day in the parking lot.  When we finally started riding it was almost noon.  But we only had 60 miles to ride, so no problem.

On the freeway onramp, Caroline got the first flat of the day.  It was kind of hilarious how fast it happened.  And then Anders started feeling some knee pain and had to stop for a bit to let the Advil kick in.   And then got a flat.  Caroline and Tracy went ahead, and started up a rather large hill.  At the top, it had an elevation marker – Silverstone Pass 5640 feet.  Umm…. wasn’t Nevada going to be flat?

For the rest of the day, Anders and Sara were about a half hour behind Caroline and Tracy but were in regular texting contact.   Down from Silverstone, we figured that mountain was a fluke.  And then we hit another rather large hill (some might call it a mountain.  Some might call it the Pequots).  That one took around an hour to climb.  This was starting to get ridiculous.  We had another 30 miles to go and we had about 2 hours of daylight left.  Luckily, there was only on more hill, Independence Pass and then a beautiful 8 mile decent at sunset into Wells, Nevada.  Caroline and Tracy, with their half our lead, found us an inexpensive motel with laundry, right next to a diner, so we washed up, ate and crashed.    In the end, it all worked out, as it always does.  But it was not the day we were expecting.

Caroline gets a flat

Caroline gets a flat


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  1. Jeff Moser
    24. October 2009 at 14:05

    There are over 300 mountain ranges in Nevada making it the most mountainous state in the country. The state has the most number of peaks above 10,000 feet too! Maybe I should have mentioned that BEFORE you crossed, huh? Although I think 80 is much flatter that HWY 50…

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