Day 52 – New Record – Battle Mountain to Rye Patch, NV

miles biked – 105

10/21/2009 The one good thing about staying in a motel (besides beds and hot showers and music videos and internet access and power) is free breakfast.  At the Big Chief Motel we had our fill of cereal, oatmeal, fruit, coffee and pastries and then got started at a very reasonable – though later than we were hoping – 7:45am.  The reason for the early start was that we were going to try to break our own record of 102.5 and ride 103 miles to Rye Patch, the only campsite in Nevada (as far as we could tell).

It was a cold morning in Battle Mountain, even bundled with 4-5 layers of clothing, pedaling was hard.  We started to wish for hills just to warm up, but we had 20 miles of flat as a pancake before we got to anything interesting and then we had a decent 5 mile climb towards Winnemucca, our 50-mile lunch stop midpoint.  We did excellent time there, arrived before noon and quickly sat down to lunch at the 4th Street Cafe (after smelling the fresh baked cookies from the street).

After lunch things quickly took a turn for the intriguing as we were approach by a group of nomadic Christian bikers who were in town for a few days waiting for some mail (one of them had broken a tent pole).  It was like meeting an alternate version of ourselves, people who travelled by bike with tons of stuff, only they didn’t drink and they’d been on the rode for 16 years.  They we really nice and had that look of being quite at peace with the world. We could have chatted with them for a quite a while, but after a half an hour we had to say goodbye and get back on the road.  It was interesting though, we’d only stopped there for a few minutes to get food because we had to bike another 50 miles but they had been camping there at the local park for a few days (which to them that was a short stay).  Also, you won’t find any photos of them in our Flickr as they politely declined being in a photo.

The rest of the day went by quickly.  We rode another 55 miles, making up songs along the way while Tracy played the harmonica and then we set up camp in the very scenic Rye Patch campground that cost only $1 per biker.  There was what looked like a great bar right up the road from the campground but once we set up camp and made our chili and couscous dinner we were done for the night.  We had a beer (the best option at the truck stop – Budweiser American Lager – oh dear) and a hot chocolate and hit the hay.

Rye Patch - Nevada's only campground


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  1. Chris
    31. October 2009 at 01:00

    That’s actually Budweiser American Ale — their “American Lager” is plain ol’ Budweiser — but the stuff isn’t awful. It’s certainly much better than most other truck-stop beers, at least.

    What’s the total tube count for this trip so far now?


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