Day 53 – Rye Patch to Fernley, NV

miles biked – 85

approx TOTAL miles biked – 2608

days until our end party in seattle – 22

10/22/2009  Waking up in Rye Patch was nice.  We hadn’t camped in a while and though we’d been dreading waking up cold in our tents, it actually wasn’t that cold.  Our plan was to pack up and head over to the nearby truck stop and make our oatmeal and have some coffee.  But just before biking away from the campsite we were stopped by a friendly couple in a nearby RV (Paddy and Marilyn) who offered us coffee and hot chocolate before we left.  Never ones to turn down coffee, we chatted with them for a bit before heading out.  It was pretty neat to hear their stories from the road, they camped when they were younger, then graduated to a trailer and now the RV, but they just kept traveling and like us, they were at Rye Patch for the first time.  We would have stayed all day but we had over 80 miles in front of us so we got to making our oatmeal and then starting riding.

Twenty-one miles and less than one hour in, we were ecstatic that we were making such great time – right up until Caroline got the first flat of the day.  She did a great job though and got that sucker changed in 24 minutes.  Then it was back on the road for 2 miles into Lovelock (yes, Kaley – lock your love! hehe), the only town on our route for the day.  We hit up the Safeway for lunch fixins and snacks and then road some more.  The terrain was pretty flat (some long, low grade hills to keep things interesting) and we had what MAY have even been a tail wind, so we continued to make good time.  We stopped for lunch at a rest stop around mile 48 and made sandwiches.  According to signs, we were about to ride the “40 Mile Dessert”, a part of the California Emigration Trail that was apparently a very dangerous section, in 1850 or so 1000 people died trying to get through it.  We had some very large turkey sandwiches and Craisins in our bellies though, so we figured we’d be ok.

About another 10 miles down the road, Tracy had the second flat of the day.  This one caused by a Goathead (a plant that is known to cause a large number of flat tires – not as many as those stupid pieces of truck tire tread though as far as we could tell).   Tracy may have set a new record for tire changing, with an impressive 14 minutes before we were back on the road.

At 85 miles, we rode into Fernley, pretty much spent for the day.  We had a very good meal at the Black Bear Diner (burgers and sandwiches) and then checked into the Lazy Inn because they were the cheapest place in town and they had the much need laundry option.  It wasn’t the most exciting night of the trip, and we were a bit bummed to spend ANOTHER night in a motel but we had crossed the Nevada desert, made in back into civilization, and we were going to a brewery the next day! What more could a bike and brewer ask for?

Crossing Nevada

Crossing Nevada


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