Day 73 – Kent

Total biked – 3371

Days to Party: 2

Day 73 Kent Day Off

11/11/2009 Since we’d taken a ride to Kent, we had an extra day before we needed to ride into Seattle for our end party.  A perfect day to catch up on sleep, do a little non-bike exercise, catch up on blogging and post cards, and plan for our next adventures – Anders back to New York and Tracy, Caroline and Sara flying to Los Angeles and then Sydney.   We had to do the exchanging of the stuff: collecting the things we’d shipped to the area for our next trips and sending off the stuff we’d accumulated from this one.  A little reminder that even on a big adventure there are still not-so-exciting logistical things to figure out.  It felt a little like we were done but we hadn’t gotten to the end of the picture on our logo, the Space Needle, so we really weren’t done yet.

Dinner with Saras dad

Dinner with Sara's dad


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