Day 75 – Party! – Seattle, WA

Miles biked – 14

Total biked – 3407

11/13/2009 Waking up in Seattle was exactly how you might picture it.  Relaxing and a little bit drizzly.  Caroline went for a run and swim while Tracy and Sara, with Anders for moral support, went to commemorate the end of the trip with something they’d talked about the whole trip: tattoos!  Sara got the share the road bike (from the many street signs they’d seen along the way) on her forearm and Tracy got the trip motto – be the twig – in picture form on her forearm.  Heidi (the real one) joined us in Freemont to talk us through it and Ashley at Hidden Hand did the artwork.  They didn’t take too long, they turned out beautifully and no one cried so we deemed it a successful mission.

Then it was on to the Elysian on Capital Hill for our much talked about end party.  We got a very informative tour from Waylon, one of their brewers, and were joined by Sara’s friends and family for drinks and dinner.  The Elysian has a number of delicious beers, and we were especially keen to try some of their sours and New Belgium collaborations. Cheers to everyone who came and to the Elysian for the great beer!

Saras Share the Road bike

Sara's Share the Road bike

Tracys twig

Tracy's twig

Elysian End Party

Elysian End Party


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