Mike’s Organic – Days 6-7

The next few days we were the only WWOOFers at the brewery, which we thought would be lonely, but actually it was quite nice.  We biked around more and did some reading.  Finished up a few more New Yorkers to lighten the load.  Saturday was an extraordinarily busy day, because Fleetwood Mac was in town for the weekend to play their last two shows ever.  People were flying in from all over the world for the show and the brewery was on the route to the concert and thus the perfect stop on the way to the big event.  We help stock the store and they sold beer almost as fast as we could label it.  That night, they also hosted an Xmas party for a local company and a big crowd was there (we hung out in the kitchen to grab leftovers for dinner, but then just hid away in our cottage).

Once it was just us girls, Jill the co-owner really opened up to us about her life and future plans to travel.  There was a moment when we realized that being there for a whole week may have felt like a long time at first, but then when we really got to know her we understood why the twig sent us there for so long.  It was the only way we’d really get to know the people who work there.

The Mikes tasting room and brewery

The Mike's tasting room and brewery

Sara - keg cleaner extraordinaire

Sara - keg cleaner extraordinaire


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