Notes from Nowhere, LA -> Sydney

11/21/09 After our arrival at the Space Needle, tattoos and the end party, we decided the bike trip was officially over.  However, I’ve decided keeping this blog is just too fun to stop writing- so Tracy and I will continue to update you on our adventures as we travel through Australia and New Zealand in the next few months.  We didn’t bring our bikes but we are still hoping to do some riding here and we will definitely be checking out the Australian breweries.  We are also planning to do Bike and Brew West Coast when we get back as well, so don’t be surprised if one day the entries start over at… Day 1?

Right now I’m sitting in Sydney having taken a 14 hour flight on V Australia from Los Angeles.  Caroline and Tracy are on a Qantas flight that should be landing any minute and then we hit the town.  It’s Saturday here in Sydney but Friday over there in the states so maybe with the extra day we can stay a little more current with our updates:)

The past week has been fun.  We finished up our stay in Seattle with cyclocross in Kent (Anders competed in his very first race), spent another night hanging out in Seattle (including a fabulous dinner at Barrio) and then Anders flew back to New York on Sunday.  I miss him but am also a little jealous that he is in New York and has a plan.  It’s a little scary being here with a 4 month stay ahead of us and no itinerary.  The twig will lead us though, I’m sure.

The three of us girls left Seattle on Monday, a quick flight down to LA.   We arrived in the afternoon, rented a car and drove to the beach, not sure where we were staying.  Between the 3 of us we had a few connections but nothing was set.  We just knew we wanted to be by the water and that we were hungry.  First stop was Mexican food, so I texted my friend Craig for a recommendation.  Craig and I met back in February while we were both traveling in Panama and I knew he’d be a fun person to see while I was in town.  He ended up joining us for dinner and offering us his place in Redondo, 45 seconds from the water.  It was perfect.

We spent the next few days checking out the prettier parts of LA: Hermosa Beach, Topanga Canyon and Malibu (where we had lunch with Tracy’s photographer friend Aldo right on the water).  Having a car was nice but we realized that after a $50 parking ticket and a few hours in traffic, not needing one was better.   Caroline visited a few friends scattered around the city and got in a bunch of runs along the beach.  Tracy and I hung out by the water and talked about our plans for the next few months.

Craig was an awesome host.  He took us to two ridiculously cool bars in Rendondo – Naja’s, which had over 70 craft beers on tap including New Belgium La Folie, and Tony’s, a bar up in a glass tower with a 360 degree view and a musician that wrote not one but TWO songs about us right there on the spot.  Craig also played a great acoustic guitar set on our last night in LA at The Shore in Manhattan Beach, opening for a couple other local acts who also rocked the house.   Joining us as we bounced around town was Jack, one of Tracy’s photographer friends along with his wife Alysa and some of their Hermosa Beach friends.  It was awesome to have a posse to hang with in the big city.  It almost felt like we were locals. Then, on the day we left, Tracy finally got to go climbing and I took Alysa’s pilates class before getting on the plane.  We were in Los Angeles for three days, but we really packed it in.

Any minute now, I expect to see the girls come through customs.  I can only imagine what our next adventure will be.


Anders racing cross

Anders racing cross


3 Responses to “Notes from Nowhere, LA -> Sydney”

  1. Rino (Sara's friend)
    23. November 2009 at 07:32

    G’day mates! This is Rino, Sara’s friend from Japan. Are you guys thinking of getting bikes in Aussie? You should!

    I will be in Sydney from Dec 23 – Jan 3 and would LOVE to see you. Very selfish wish, but if your schedule works out, it would be great to see you all there!

    Happy travels! Looking forward to seeing you.

  2. Sandra
    23. November 2009 at 08:24

    Congratulations to you all! This is Sandra from MHPC climbing gym. I have been following the blog and enjoyed all your posts. Have fun in Australia.

  3. bikeandbrew
    8. December 2009 at 03:27

    Hi Sandra,
    Thanks for following along! We’ve had a couple chances between rides to go out for a climb- but honestly still haven’t found an indoor gym with better routes than MPHC. We’ve just spent some time in Australia and are now in NZ for a couple months where, among other things, we’ll be working at a brewery! Then it’s back to Australia to hopefully do some more bike and brew touring. Cheers!

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